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Rescued river cans find new home

Rescued river cans find new home

Grantham RiverCare have delivered their first 300 rescued cans to the Helipads for Hospitals Appeal.

The RiverCare volunteer group have been collecting empty aluminium cans during their river cleans for the Helipads for Hospital charity, who will use the recycled metal to create new hospital helipads. Fished out of the River Witham and surrounding areas during their last two RiverCare events, the cans are crushed into big cubes and stockpiled. The metal will then be smelted and made into sections which when assembled form a helicopter landing pad. It is a long-term project, but the Helipads for Hospital charity has already collected 25 per cent of the aluminium needed to make the first helipad at Leicester Royal Infirmary. This will be followed by one at Queen’s Medical Centre Nottingham.


Grantham RiverCare drop their cans at collection point in Allington Village Store. The large ton bags full of donated cans are collected weekly by John Nowell, the founder of the charity, who said, “We are working hard to raise funds to establish a ‘Big Red Recycling Bin’ in Grantham to make it easy for residents to deposit their cans and to make it efficient for us to collect them”.



Co-Group Leaders, David and Ian said, “Grantham RiverCare are glad to be involved to be with this project as it sees a fitting end to this waste stream (no pun intended!)”.  


Once RiverCare clean-ups start again in the futureyou will be very welcome to bring along any aluminium drinks cans from your recycling bin at home, and David and Ian will deliver them to the Helipads for Hospitals Appeal along with those rescued from the river.


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