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We are passionate about our rivers, brooks, streams and seas across the East and work with communities to prevent and remove pollution that enters our water ways. We want to spread the message that our seas and rivers are connected and can impact each other. The different types of pollution and how it impacts our waters can be seen here.

What are we doing to reduce pollution?

We support our groups to take action on the ground, and to spread the message about other actions away from the watercourse that can have a positive impact. Our groups are:

  • Removing litter from watercourses and beaches - recycling it where possible
  • Mapping outfalls along stretches of rivers
  • Monitoring for any signs of pollution and reporting where appropriate


What to do if you spot pollution?

Anglian Water have put together a handy guide on how to spot pollution and what to do if you see it – please take a look here. What we do in our everyday lives has an impact too.

Here’s an idea of some of the activities we can all do: