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We are passionate about our rivers, brooks, streams and seas across the East of England. Our volunteer  groups remove a huge amount of litter from and around rivers and beaches – preventing plastic pollution from harming wildlife and entering food chains. Caring across East Anglia since 2001. Photos: Volunteers cleaning a beach in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. Volunteers litter picking a brook in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. A kayaker removing rubbish in Colchester, Essex.


Groups are also trained to spot the tell-tale signs of other pollution incidents, such as chemicals or sewage, and to report them appropriately. With 50 groups on the ground across the region, these volunteers act as valuable river and beach guardians.  Photos: A canoeist paddling the River Witham in Lincoln. Environment Volunteers in Peterborough. Conservation volunteers.


See if there is a group near you (East Anglia) and join them for a litter pick  Learn what pollution in a river looks like

Learn about different types of pollution   Make a pledge to reduce your plastic consumption.

Check your property is not misconnected.  Find out how to keep pipes clear and prevent fat bergs causing pollution in our rivers and seas