Our Latest Star Volunteers

Celebrating our newest RiverCare group in Grimsby and their massive launch event for the national Great River Rescue campaign. 

Kicking off with a real splash - 96 volunteers helped throughout the day-long event and 17 different organisations came together.  
We removed a staggering three transit vans full of mixed litter - from trampolines and bikes to office chairs and giant teddies – as well as 11 wheelie bins full of recyclables and a tractor trailer full of organic matter after the banks were strimmed post litter removal. 

The river went from grot spot to spotless! 

Everyone who passed by commented on how good it looked and how impressed they were. And many people asked if they could join us next time. It was a real success for Elaine and Glyn on their first event. 

We are all grateful to VANEL, IGNITE, Grimsby Police, EFAMS first aid team, the rotary club, civic society, local residents, Duke of Edinburgh award student, ASDA community champion, and many more for their hard work and support. And to the local council for the litter collection. 

Our RiverCare officer Fiona said, “ I’m so proud of our new group and the people of Grimsby. They came together and made a real difference for their town. After such a fantastic start, I’m looking forward to supporting this group in going from strength to strength.”

Find out how to get involved.

Proudly welcoming our newest group - Hunstanton BeachCare

Hunstanton BeachCare launched with their first beach clean on June 10th to celebrate World Oceans Day. The main conservation theme for World Oceans Day was preventing marine litter and finding solutions to plastic pollution. The volunteers focused on removing all of the small litter and plastic pieces that had gathered in the strandline to prevent it making its way back into the ocean and harming wildlife.

After a successful day the volunteers had cleared the main beach of problematic micro plastics and small debris that had amassed and entwined itself in seaweed. Hunstanton BeachCare will be taking on different areas along the West Norfolk coast and will be monitoring litter and carrying out wildlife surveys along with litter picks. 

Group leader, Vicky Payne, hopes to motivate others to volunteer and encourage them to help save our coastal habitats, “The environment is my passion and I believe everyone can help in some way to protect it. Hunstanton BeachCare is a way for me to help, as well as (hopefully) inspiring others to do so too.”

If you want more information about Hunstanton BeachCare, head over to their Facebook page to stay up to date with their latest news and events.


Thank you Lincoln RiverCare groups! 

Our Witham and Sincil RiverCare groups in Lincoln only started up this year and have done a sterling job of cleaning up Lincoln’s rivers. Between them they have engaged with residents of all ages and backgrounds, local businesses and the university to clean up the city’s rivers. They even enlisted the help of the local fire crew to tackle the larger litter items in channel. Between them they have held eight events this year and collected approximately 165 bags of litter, plus seven shopping trolleys, six bikes and many other large and unusual items. The future is looking bright for Lincoln’s rivers with Barbara and Laura leading the two groups here. #RiverHeroes