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Lockdown Logo

Lockdown Logo

The creative folks at Southend BeachCare are staying home and saving lives - and like so many of us they're missing the beach and can’t wait to get back to organising their popular litter pick events and beach surveys.

Whilst limited to a small amount of outdoor activity each day, they have been looking for creative ways to pass the time. This is what they came up with - using items that they had collected over the past several years of beach cleaning - the RiverCare and BeachCare logo out of cotton bud sticks!  We think it’s brilliant, a perfect example of beach art and ideal for the Keep Britain Tidy #LoveWhereYouLive campaign.

Thanks to Paul for inspiring us with his artwork, and to Win and the rest of Southend BeachCare for the many hours spent scouring the beaches for plastics and other litter.  We will be joining you on a beach again soon.

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