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It's a shore thing

It's a shore thing

Essex Wildlife Trust's Shoresearch survey:

Collecting valuable data from our beautiful coastlines

Are you curious to know which creatures live along our shores?  East Anglia has one of the most diverse and interesting coastlines, with long stretches of sandy beaches, mud flats, salt marsh and pebbly intertidal zones.  All that habitat means there is a wealth of marine creatures waiting to be discovered.

The Essex Wildlife Trust has introduced regular Shoresearch surveys to collect information about our marine environment and several BeachCare volunteers have taken the opportunity to get involved.  You don’t need any previous experience and the surveys are really easy to do. Just register your interest, come dressed appropriately and show up on the day.  It’s great fun.










We recently joined a Shoresearch survey at East Mersea and recorded 10 different types of seaweed including the invasive Japanese Wireweed.  We also logged shrimps, shore crabs, periwinkles, anemones, mussels, chitons, tellins, limpets and lots of other species of molluscs and bivalves.


















Although it’s fun to paddle and peer into rock pools, as always there is a serious side to this. Climate change will lead to rises in sea levels, higher sea temperatures and ocean acidification. The information collected during surveys like this records how organisms are coping and adapting, and additionally can show where invasive species are gaining a foothold.


More information: Essex Wildlife Trust's Shoresearch