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Happy 15th Birthday Grantham RiverCare!

Happy 15th Birthday Grantham RiverCare!

On the 30 October of this year, our fantastic team of volunteers in Grantham celebrated 15 years since their very first RiverCare clean up event!

 In recognition of their volunteers’ hard work and dedication over the years, current Group Leaders, David and Ian, have released the article promoting their inaugural event, written by John Pinchbeck of the Grantham Journal (and unofficially mocked up by us).

An impressive 25 volunteers turned up for the first meeting on Saturday 30th October in 2004, and they have been going from strength to strength ever since.The photo is from their very first litter pick!

This September, the group held their 91st RiverCare clean up, collecting 200kg of litter along their 2 mile stretch between Bridge End Road and the white bridge in Wyndham Park. The group have recently evolved into separating and recycling the waste they pick, mostly bottles, cans and glass, this time weighing 20kg of recycling altogether! They also recovered a speaker system, plant pot, cushions, tyre, Christmas tree, traffic cone bases, a ghetto blaster and numerous pieces of scrap metal. The group are now wildlife-aware, checking items for our native White-clawed Crayfish, which resulted in three being returned back to the river.

The Grantham team more recently, at their 91st litter pick!

Andrew Walters, RiverCare & BeachCare Programme Manager, said of the team,  ‘It’s been a real pleasure to work with Grantham RiverCare over the past 15 years. They have been one of the longest-running, most enthusiastic and committed community groups we have ever worked with. They are group of people in which the town can be really proud. In all weathers and in every season they have put in the hard work of keeping the River Witham and its surroundings ‘clean and green’; making it a better place for people and for wildlife. Happy Birthday Grantham RiverCare!’.

Dr Lauren Vickers, Non-Executive Chair of the Lincolnshire Rivers Trust who work closely with Grantham RiverCare said, "Keeping our rivers clean from rubbish is essential for healthy and resilient rivers in Lincolnshire, Grantham Rivercare's work for the last 15 years on River Witham has made a real difference. The valiant efforts of David Martin and Ian Simmons who lead the group and their predecessor John Knowles should not be underestimated, and Lincolnshire Rivers Trust would like to thank them and the team of volunteers for all their hard work".

If Grantham RiverCare have inspired you, why not get involved in your local RiverCare or BeachCare group? please get in touchto find out more!