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Water is life! Where you find water you often find huge diversity of species. Waterside habitats are diverse and wonderful. The delicate balance of environment and biodiversity helps sustain life on earth, so we get involved at all levels - from regional partnerships, down to supporting grassroots community action to help restore and preserve wildlife habitats. Photos: Water Vole and Grey Seal pup.As well as picking harmful litter and keeping an eye out for pollution, many of our groups are involved in surveying wildlife - from water voles to bats, sharks and rays to river invertebrates - knowing what is living around beaches and rivers helps us to better care for them. Photos: Marsh Orchid. A group of volunteers surveying river fly.Some groups go one step further and get stuck in with on the ground practical conservation work, with the aim of restoring or protecting wildlife habitats into the future. Photos: Volunteers pulling Himalayan Balsam. Volunteers raking invasive floating pennywort.Join a group near you