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About us

RiverCare and BeachCare are grass roots, action led initiatives which aim to bring about positive change to the aquatic environment through direct action by volunteers. The project is delivered by Keep Britain Tidy, a national environmental charity, in partnership with Anglian Water.

Our programme started out in 2001, with a handful of groups across the region, to tackle litter on rivers. Our network has since grown to include 800 volunteers across 40 groups and counting. Because anything that affects a river will ultimately affect our oceans, we now cover beaches too, we want to work from ‘source to sea’ on issues.

Our volunteer groups include local neighbours, ‘Friends of’ groups, civic societies, local conservation groups, scouts, canoeists, anglers, staff from businesses across the region and volunteers from within Anglian Water.

We are proud to be supported by Anglian Water. Here they explain why they are keen to be involved: 

"Anglian Water supplies water and water recycling services to more than six million domestic customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

Our huge region stretches from the Humber estuary to the Thames estuary and from Buckingham in the west of our region to Lowestoft on the east coast. Our 112,833 km of water and sewer pipes supply and transport water across an area of 27,500 km2.

Long-term access to secure supplies of water is one of the most pressing environmental and economic challenges the world faces today and that is why we are putting water at the heart of a whole new way of living.

Our Love Every Drop strategy focuses on three main areas, which require us to be a smart business, to be smart about our environment and to create smart communities.

We recognise the importance of working with our customers and the wider communities within our region to take positive steps towards reducing our combined impact upon the environment.

This is why Anglian Water is proud to fund the RiverCare and BeachCare programme and to have worked in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy since the programme’s creation in 2001. 

The RiverCare and BeachCare programme contributes to a number of our business goals including commitments towards creating a flourishing environment, making a positive difference to the communities we serve and improving bathing waters along our coastline."

To find out more about how they are protecting the region’s environment, take a look at their website: